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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Warmth of FROZEN -- FROZEN Movie Review

by Sine Gang (Anika and Anton Mangcucang):

Before you see the actual review, let me just introduce Sine Gang, the pool of TaDi's movie review contributors.  And among the first Sine Gangsters are siblings Anika and Anton Mangcucang, young students who are in grade school and high school respectively. They attended Disney's special block screening of FROZEN and made this heart warming review.

Walt Disney Animation Studios presents the movie “Frozen”, comedy-adventure animation which all of us will love especially if you've been hit by films like Wreck-It Ralph and Tangled.

When Elsa was taken by surprise about the news Anna told her, Elsa unleashed her icy cold powers and trapped the Kingdom of Arendelle into deep winter. Anna sets off an epic journey where she will meet mystical trolls, a scary monster snowman, mountain man Kristoff and his carrot-loving reindeer friend, Sven and of course Olaf! The snowman who wants to bring back summer. The movie Frozen is more like a musical, it even has the song of Demi Lovato called “Let It Go”.

Frozen has a bunch of “cool” characters. You can find just about anybody in the Kingdom of Arendelle. From dukes to princesses, traders to mountain men, there’re also trolls, reindeer and the occasional magic snowman. There’s the Snow Queen, Elsa, who rules Arendelle with her optimistic yet careless sister Anna. Then there’s the introvert mountain man, Kristoff , and his only friend, Sven the reindeer. Finally there’s the lovable,hilarious and clueless snowman Olaf. Just to prove how clueless he is, he loves heat and the summer.

You can learn a lot of things from Frozen. Number One, don’t trust charming strangers from faraway lands. Number Two, don’t bother your siblings that much especially if they have magical powers. Finally, this may be a bit clich√©, but Love Conquers All. It may be love of family, love of adventure, or just plain love but as long as it is true it can do anything.


Anika and Anton both loved the movie's music as well and considers FROZEN as the best Disney movie of all time.  From the scale of 1 to 10 claps, Anika gave it a 10 while Anton put 9.

Distributed by Walt Disney Motion Pictures International through Columbia Pictures, FROZEN is still showing in theaters.

In photo are TaDi's Sine Gangsters Anton and Anika Mangcucang.  Anton is a student of Philippine Science High School while Anika studies in Saint Theresa's College.

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