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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Owen Wilson shifts from comedy to action in NO ESCAPE (Opens August 26)


In No Escape, Owen Wilson plays Jack Dwyer, an American who relocates his wife (Lake Bell) and two daughters to Southeast Asia for a new job. It looks like a promising new life reboot for them, but everything is turned upside down when they find themselves in the midst of a violent civil war, with one side targeting Westerners. Dwyer is just an average guy, with no real survival skills except his paternal instincts, but Pierce Brosnan pitches in as a company man better trained for the spiking violence. The trailer is intense, and the new exclusive poster evokes its most heart-pounding moment.

Wilson is supposed to be talking about his new action movie, which opens Aug. 26. ( in the Philippine and U.S.)  He’s happy to do so… eventually. But what’s the hurry, man? He wants to know how your summer is going. He wants to know about your kids, their ages, whether sons are easier than daughters. “I think I would like to have a daughter,” says the father of two young boys. “I think it would be very interesting. Just having been around so much male energy my whole life: one of three boys, went to an all-boy school, then military school, now two sons, never been married.”
He laughs that Owen Wilson laugh. “I think it would probably help me.”

The easy-going 46-year-old star, best known for his comedies, believes in actual human engagement, two-sided conversation that isn’t restricted by the limited time negotiated by some publicist. He’s very true and present… or perhaps just a great actor. Or both.

The trailer looks like an action movie. Did  Owen drift away from the genre for any particular reason?  Owen Wilson explained, "I’m even hesitating to use that word — career — because it was just the way things sort of happened. It wasn’t a strategy, like, Now I’m going to do this, and this is going to open up this door. I feel like it’s kind of like Churchill’s definition of history: one damn thing after another. It’s more of what you get offered. It wasn’t like I turned down a lot of action things. I do know that back when I used to go to the video store [as a kid], I didn’t usually rent comedies. I tended to see more dramas and things. So it’s kind of interesting that I’ve ended up doing so many comedies, because I didn’t have a stand-up comedian background. It just sort of happened. And with this script, like, from the first 20 pages, I just kind of liked the set-up and could see myself in the situation.

"It’s not so much that I’m an action hero at all; it’s more just a father who’s just learning to survive with his family. So it felt more realistic. That’s it — if I can imagine myself in the role. And I can’t really imagine myself as a Schwarzenegger. I think you have to have something in you to play a character and I don’t see myself as an action hero. But I could see myself doing the things that this character has to do. Same with Behind Enemy Lines. When I originally signed on, [the role] was more of a fighter pilot. We changed it to make him the backseat navigator. I guess I don’t see myself as a hotshot," he added.

NO ESCAPE, released and distributed by Captive Cinema, opens August 26 in theaters nationwide.

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