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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Mark of Jurong Bird Park


Explore Singapore - Day 5, Part 1

It's my Day 5 in Singapore and still my sched is pretty packed with exciting activities and places to check out!

First in the in the itinerary is the third in Singapore's wildlife triad, the Jurong Bird Park!  And since it's my friend Jandy's birthday that day, his entrance fee in the facility is totally free!  =)  We arrived at the park at around 11 am and we were lucky to catch on the time the Birds n Buddies show!

Jurong Bird Park is the largest bird park in the world, with a 20.2 hectare hillside haven for 8,000 birds representing 600 species.

Parrots playing basketball!

Jurong Bird Park mascot teaching kids on taking care of nature.

We then went to the World of Darkness, Asia's first nocturnal bird house that features a system of reverse lighting, converting day to night and vice-versa.  The facility houses Night Herons, Fish Owls and Snowy Owls which reminded me of my recent animation favorite The Legend of the Guardians! =)  And since the animals featured are nocturnal, flash photography again isn't allowed but I was able to manage to take a few clear shots.

Right after the tour of World of Darkness, we took the tram to get a complete and faster exploration of the Jurong Bird Park.

After the tram tour, Jandy and I walked to the specific spots which are more interesting to us.

We proceeded to the Lory Loft where I experienced interacting with the birds.  I bought a special nectar mix which made the birds flock into me.  The encounter is pretty amazing except that I have to endure a few sharp claws touching my skin and some birds fighting each other over the food.  But I must say, it's nothing compared with the spectacular animal encounter! =)

Then we checked out the Pelican Cove and we were caught in awe with the elegance of the flamingos, swans and pelicans.

Flamingos ready to dance! =)
Flamingos feed by bending their bent bills in the water.  They use their powerful tongue to suck up water and mud.  The lamellae along the sides of the beak sieve out food particles, and excess water is expelled.

Honestly, I'm not as excited with birds as with mammals and fishes because it's hard to see them in action in zoos and even in screens but  this experience somehow changed the way how I look with these flying creatures.  =)  And that's the mark that Jurong Bird Park left with me. 

After that awesome encounter with our feathered friends, Jandy and I had our lunch in Bongo Restaurant!

After touring Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park, I realized once again that progress should not be in conflict with nature's wonders.  And Singapore is doing a good job in keeping that balance.  And I think the rest of the world can follow Singapore's example. =)

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