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Monday, April 30, 2012

Surviving The Heat

foydi's CATCH:

I know the Philippines is a tropical country and the heat during summer season is something that we expect.  But I'm sure you will agree with me that the heat right now is something that's unbearable, it's as if we are being cooked inside an oven!

Haist, actually, with my work for WWF Philippines, I candidly even said that I won't have a hard time explaining what Global Warming is!  Just imagine experiencing 35++ and 36++ temperature right here in Manila?  Goodness, this heat really will not just drive us crazy, it can actually kill us! 

Anyway, I know Filipinos are very flexible and resourceful people.  We adapt wherever we are, whatever the situation is.  And with this scourging heat, I bet many have adapted, in a way, already. 

For example, I myself treated the situation lightly, (whenever possible!) and joked at it with these pick-up lines:

Manila ka ba?  Ang hot mo kase.

But when the temperature gets hotter the next day, I said:

Manila ka din ba?  Kase, you're getting hotter and hotter each day.

And it was a surefire hit on Twitter and Facebook haha.

But more than that, while everybody go to our captivating beaches and resorts or go to a colder country at this time, some people looked for means how to get through.  

And recently, I found two things that caught my attention and really made me wanting them all the time.  

It's the back-to-back electric fan and the so-called Melona ice cream from Korea!  The former is something I would really love owning!  I know it wouldn't solve the heat but I think it can be of a little help.  And besides, don't you find the fan so cool, that's literally and figuratively speaking! :)

The back-to-back electric fan and Melona ice cream

And the Melona ice cream, goodness, it just tastes so good!  The fruitiness of the flavor just blends very right with the sweetness.  Sorry though I don't know the actual retail price as I buy from my office mate who sells it.  And I get it for only PhP30!  So move over Magnum, Melona is taking your place!  And it's much cheaper!  :)

But aside from that, when you are outside, don't forget to bring water (not bottled as it will add up to our urban waste), wear comfy clothes and sun protection (shades, umbrella, sunblock).  Well, if you don't need to go out and you can avoid it, I suggest you stay inside, and make your surrounding comfortable. 

I know this too shall pass.  We will survive the heat.  And that I guess this has been my 26th Treasure Find!  :)

But while we try to survive the heat, let's be mindful next time of what we do with the environment.  You can log on to www.wwf-org.phils to know more about environmental sustainability.

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