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Monday, June 25, 2012

Help Reverse the Bad in Our Planet, Join the WWF Reverse Run on July 22


Are you into running?  Have you done running in reverse?  Or have you not tried running at all and are you looking forward to that first and worthwhile run?

Then step back and move forward.

WWF Ambassadors Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez

This statement represents the World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines’ (WWF-Philippines) vision to confront the present state of the environment by studying the mistakes of the past then focusing on building a greener future and keeping the Earth a living planet.  And we can help WWF Philippines realize that by joining the WWF Reverse Run on July 22 at the the SM Mall of Asia to launch the Reverse the Bad Student Program, a year-long membership program developed for high school and college students who want to amplify their commitment to protect the environment.

Humanity is currently using 50% more resources than the Earth can provide. We are living as if we have two planets at our disposal. What better way to secure a more sustainable future than to invite tomorrow’s stewards – the youth – to join WWF-Philippines’ conservation efforts, to reverse the degradation of our planet. 

As suggested by its name, WWF’s Reverse Run will entail race participants to run in reverse as a symbolic way of joining the organization’s mission to stop and eventually reverse the degradation of nature. Participants will backpedal through the course for 200 meters and will then run forward.

Everyone is invited to join in the Reverse Run. As an added treat, students who register for the run are automatically enlisted as members of the WWF Reverse the Bad Student Program.

Reverse the Bad Student Program

Proceeds of the Reverse Run will go to the Reverse the Bad Student Program and WWF’s other programs on environmental sustainability, biodiversity conservation, and climate change adaptation.

The creation of the student program is in response to growing calls from youngsters who want to take a more direct and proactive role in helping protect the environment. Through this program, WWF wants to create young stewards to help us secure a better future.

“This program creates platforms for concrete action designed specifically for young persons. There is only one way to deal with a problem, and that is, to solve it. Start with simple, every day things. Stick to it. Scale up rapidly. Live the solutions. Participate,” says WWF-Philippines CEO and Vice Chair Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan.

The Reverse the Bad Student Program aims to empower and educate students on the different ways their choices affect the environment and instill the notion of making sustainable choices for the future.

As a member, students are entitled to regular areas of dialogue, exclusive invites to WWF-Philippines forums and activities, discounts from partners through their WWF Reverse the Bad membership card.

The WWF Reverse Run will have registration fee of PHP 500 for those running the 3-kilometer and 6-kilometer course, and PHP 600 will be asked for those taking the 12-kilometer route.

Interested participants can sign up at Chris Sports (SM Mall of Asia, SM Manila, Glorietta 3 branches) and Skechers (Trinoma, Market-Market, Festival Mall Alabang branches). For more information, participants can email wwfreverserun@gmail.com or visit wwf.org.ph/reversethebad.

WWF Reverse the Bad Student Program Head Marie Bretaña concludes, “We encourage all students out there who want to protect the environment, or even those who just want to learn more about conservation to join the Reverse the Bad Student Program by taking part in this July’s Reverse Run.  “This is a wonderful and fun opportunity for you to support WWF-Philippines and take that first step towards becoming a steward of a better future,” adds Bretaña.

Kick-off Presscon Highlights

In keeping with theme of the campaign, the program for WWF's Kick-off Presscon was also done in reverse!  :D

It started with closing remarks by WWF Philippine Vice Chair and CEO Lory Tan;

And distribution of tokens;

And the photo op of WWF and its partners;

And then the raffle (Blogger Dianne Salonga is one of the winners of L Time Studio watch!);

And then the keynote speech by WWF Reverse the Bad Student Program Head Marie Bretaña and the running matters by the race master

Bretana asks the WWF Reverse Run participants to bring their own water containers to avoid too much waste during the run.  While paper cups will be in place as back-up (for those who may miss bringing their own water containers), WWF Reverse Run aims to put its usage to a minimum.

And then a game.  It was Pinoy Henyo.  But since everything is in reverse, WWF Ambassador Rovilson Fernandez was surprised that he is to guess the word and the audience to answer yes or no or maybe!  :D

And Rov got it!  Congrats man! !! :D

And then the opening speech by WWF VP for Marketing Reggie Olalia

And the reveal of the WWF Reverse Run video!

And then the open house / lunch / race registration.

It was fun witnessing a program in reverse but we learned message of that symbolic execution.  It's not yet too late, we can reverse the bad. 

And with that, all TaDi could say is don't think twice, help reverse the bad in our planet and join the WWF Reverse Run 2012!

And this has been another life's mix, TaDified! :)

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