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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Brown Bag


Recently, my colleagues and I have been going home from work at around 12 midnight to 1 pm.  Yes, you just read it right.  In fact, call center agents have better situation than us since after their night shift, they can sleep in the morning.  But for us, we still report in the morning.  Oh well, this post is not about by blood draining work life.  

When I go home, I sometimes pass by at convenience stores to buy water or milk or anything refreshing.  That's the least I could to treat myself. 

Earlier, I dropped by at a 7-11 store.  Then upon paying the goods I got, I saw the cashier putting what I bought inside a brown paper bag!  While the lady behind me sarcastically said "bawal na din ba plastic sa 7-11", I was however got amused and felt happy with what I saw!

The last time I saw a store having this kind packaging was in the bakery where I usually buy from when I was a child and in US movies and TV shows where there are settings in groceries or supermarkets.  But more than the fascination of the classic way of packing goods, I felt happy and hopeful about what we, including businesses, can do for the environment. 

It may be a little harder for me to carry on the goods with just a paper bag but I would rather do that sacrifice than lose our only planet; yes, in the long run, we will if we do not reverse the bad we're doing. (By the way, WWF is holding a Reverse Run for its Reverse the Bad Student Program.  Click here to know more about it.)

So I guess, this is my 31st treasure find.  Kudos to 7-11 for making this change.  :)

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