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Friday, June 22, 2012

TaDi Visits the Set of GMA's Pare and Pare -- Jillian Ward and Solenn Heusaff Featured on this Sunday's episode


Ogie Alcasid and Michael V. (Bitoy)...we've seen them in Bubble Gang, Hole in the Wall, Yaya & Angelina, Boy Pick-up and a number of movies in the 90s.  While they are together in these shows and films, they've never failed in reinventing themselves as a duo and offering something new to the viewing public.  And this led GMA Network to producing the musical talk show Pare and Pare, a one of its kind in its format, aired over the channel, every Sunday night.  

Last night GMA Network invited yours truly, as well other topnotch lifestyle and entertainment blogs, to the set of Pare and Pare.  And we were able to catch child actress Jillian Ward's guesting in the said show.   But prior to the taping, we had a chance to interview the dynamic duo of Ogie and Bitoy.  

Bitoy shared that he is amused on how social media works, but he knows it has its good and bad sides.  While it can help influence people (and make topics trend), it can be a medium of attack as well.  Bitoy tried it once but he wasn't able to make a follow through.  Ogie on the other hand maintains an account and has more than 300,000 followers!  

Pare and Pare, like any other show, is designed to run for 1 season (13 weeks).  If people loves it, then who knows, it can be extended.  But as Ogie and Bitoy shared, the show is really doing well even if it's up against top competition (Sarah G Live and PBB on ABS-CBN).  Their most favorite interviews so far with Heart Evangelista for Michael V and with Pauleen Luna for Ogie.  Michael V explained that he liked Heart's guesting because it humanized her.  Ogie on the other hand shared that he had fun interviewing Paulene Luna and intriguing her about Bossing Vic (Sotto).  Their dream episode is to have Miriam Defensor Santiago in Pare and Pare.  Wow, that will be riot for sure when Senator Pick-up meets Boy Pick-up himself and of course, the man with a thousand faces Bitoy!  :D

When we were brought to the set, we found Jillian Ward rehearsing with the band.  And oh em, this child is so full of energy and never gets tired!  But I must admit, she's not just adorable, she really can sing!  She has the potential to become the next... POP SUPERSTAR (as Regine shouts it haha).

Anyway, speaking of Jillian's guesting, catch it on Pare and Pare this coming Sunday, June 24 right after Pinoy Adventures.  We witnessed how this child's guesting rocked the set of the show and drove Ogie and Bitoy crazy!  :D  More than that, Solenn Heusaff will perform Ladies Night with three male models!  Ogie and Bitoy will also honor their idol Comedy King Dolphy.  

In the segment Uso Ngayong Linnggo, witness the hottest showbiz news including Madonna's latest concert in Turkey.  And dance with the hottest viral video in town, "How to dance in the Club" and get to know the two newest dance divas featured in the video "How Not to Dance in the Club".

Pareng Ogie and Pareng Bitoy just hit it again!  So if you want to be part of this wacky show every week, just tune in to Pare and Pare every Sunday Grande of GMA! 

By the way, of course, Pareng Ogie, Pareng Bitoy and Jillian won't didn't say goodbye without doing the TaDi Pose!  :D  So here they are: 

Thanks Ogie, Bitoy, Jillian, Neil, Apang, Pare and Pare, and GMA!  :)

Again, this has been a life's mix... TaDified!  :)

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