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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Animation At Its Finest -- THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN Movie Review


At a young age, I already know what type of stories that will best hook me.  They are stories driven by adventure, inspired by history, spiced up by culture, teased by myths and mysteries and decorated with wit.  Indiana Jones, King Solomon's Mines, Crocodile Dundee and The Mummy are just a few of these timeless classics.  'But back in the 80's, I was surprised to capture an animated adventure series called The Adventures of Tintin.  And since then, I put Tintin among my well loved characters.

And when I heard that The Adventures of Tintin will again come to life, and this time, not just on the big screen, but on marvelous 3D, I again became a child and got excited with this movie!  And I thank Solar Entertainment / United International Pictures for bringing in this destined to be classic animated movie and for inviting me to the premiere night at IMAX SM North EDSA last November 28.

Based on the series of books by Herge, The Adventures of Tintin narrates the story of Tintin, an intripid young reporter Tintin (Jamie Bell) and his fiercely loyal dog Snowy as they discover a model ship carrying an explosive secret. Drawn into a centuries-old mystery, Tintin finds himself in the sightlines of Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine (Daniel Craig), a diabolical villain who believes Tintin has stolen a priceless treasure tied to dastardly pirate named Red Rackham. But with the help of his dog Snowy, the salty, cantankerous Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis) and the bumbling detectives Thompson & Thomson (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost), Tintin will travel half the world, outwitting and outrunning his enemies in a breathless chase to find the final resting place of The Unicorn, a shipwreck that may hold the key to vast fortune . . . and a ancient curse. From the high seas to the sands of North African deserts, every new twist and turn sweeps Tintin and his friends to escalating levels of thrills and peril, proving that when you dare to risk everything, there’s no limit to what you can do. The film is directed Steven Spielberg from a screenplay by Steven Mofatt, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish.  It's produced by Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson and Kathleen Kenedy.

The Adventures of Tintin official movie trailer

I had very high expectations with The Adventures of Tintin... and the movie surpassed it!  :)  Yes folks, I did enjoy and was fascinated with this animated adventure!

Starting with the movie's OBB that demonstrated creative transitions and storytelling of the comic / cartoon version of Tintin, The Adventures of Tintin already showed promise of where will it bring its audience.  The animation is spectacular, it's life like and framed and colored well.  The locations are well drawn and the depth of the IMAX 3D again transported the audience to different places of the world in one sitting!

Editing is superb as it provided creative transitions of important scenes like the journey to the desert and the revelation of secrets and mysteries.  Sound as well as Music is excellent, the scoring help transport the movie goers not just in places but in time and adventure.

Acting / Voicing is brilliant!  There are tons of stunts and comic scenes but the emotion is very much conveyed.

And of course, the story and screenplay is a gem.  The movie started simple but the transition of action and adventure is carefully fleshed out, the dialogues are loyal to the original versions but made upbeat to adjust to the changing times.  The exploits of the characters in different countries were fun to follow, Tintin was amusing, Captain Haddock was funny (but sometimes irritating hehe), Thompson & Thomson were definitely the scene stealers together with the unbreakable Snowy!  And of course, Shakharine was someone we wanted to kill with a sword!  :D

I also fell in love with the stunts but perhaps because of the film's genre, many of them are quite exaggerated and a little far from reality.  There are a few moments that I told myself, that's too much.  Oh but well, this is animation, so the audience, including me, took the ride and enjoyed Tintin's adventures.  :)

I would like my nephews, nieces  and cousins, and other children to see The Adventures of Tintin so that they can witness what kind of stories really last but unfortunately, the movie is PG 13.  There are some scenes like the gun shots which won't be appropriate for young kids. 

I consider The Adventures of Tintin as one of the best animated pictures for 2011.  And with that, from a scale of 1 to 10 claps, I'm giving The Adventures of Tintin 8 1/2 plus tons of expressions like blistering barnacles!  :D

Distributed by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment, The Adventures of Tintin opens in theaters on November 30. 

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  1. Love this movie too, although I didn't know so much about Tintin prior to watching the film.. :) But now, I think I can already be considered a fan. My review for The Adventures of Tintin


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