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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tatak Digitista's 11 in 2011


This is no year end report.  I'm not a journalist to do that.  :)  This is just a look back at the things that defined 2011 for Tatak Digitista and foydi as a digital media enthusiast.  At around this time, in 2010, I crafted my personal battle cry for 2011, which is "Get Even in 2011".  So, in no chronological order, let me share with you the 11 things that shaped this blog and the blogger behind it.  :)  Here's Tatak Digitista's 11 in 2011:

1 - Potato On The Go
I started movie blogging in 2010 via Tatak Digitista's Potato On The Go page, but that's just on my own.  In 2011, major studios in the Philippines have started inviting me in press screenings and premiere nights such as Harry Potter 7 Part 2, Thor, Green Lantern, Water for Elephants, King's Speech, Transformers 3, Captain America and Pirates of the Caribbean, to name a few.  And with that, Potato On The Go has become one of the busiest sections in my blog.  I was able to post updates and reviews regularly.  To add, the section has expanded to including more posts on television, theater, music and even the Internet!  Thank you to 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Solar Entertainment, Columbia Pictures, Disney Pixar, Resorts World Manila, OctoArts Films, BusinessWorld Online, Publicity Asia, AXN, ABS-CBN, GMA Network, Magnavision, Tony Molina, Mae Vecina, Sionee Lagman, Jay Gonzales, Wilsong Chieng, Lulu Chua, Romy Berona, Sundy Teng, Azrael Coladilla, Maiko Castro, Melai Entuna, Ruth de la Cruz and Neil Rara.

And in 2012, I promise to have bigger and much better Potato On the Go Page!  :)

at the premiere of Cowboys and Aliens in IMAX SM North Edsa

at the press screening of Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol in IMAX SM MOA.

2. - Bayanihan Republic
While Potato On The Go became the most active page in 2011, Bayanihan Republic did not take a back seat.  It may be fewer than POTG but it still contained many very comprehensive posts such as the Last Pastillas Wrapper Maker of Bulacan, Pulilan Carabao Festival, Pampanga River Cruise, The New Luneta, Davao's Philippine Eagle and Juan Luna Walk, among others. Special thanks to Nanay Luz Ocampo, Melo Villareal, Christian Narito, Jenny Manongdo, Luneta Administration, GSIS Museo ng Sining, Arvin Ello, Professor Xiao Chua, and my cousins Jelly and Jessa Pendon.

And in 2012, I also promise to keep the fire burning the the Bayanihan Republic Section.

Starting point of the Pampanga River Cruise

Baybay Ilog, Bye Bye Basura project paving the way for the Pampanga River Cruise

3. - Action & Event-ure
Coverage of events also made Tatak Digitista very busy, may it be on food, apparel, entertainment, leisure and advocacy.  Of course, my principle remains the same, I cover events during my availability, causes that I agree with, and brands that are not in conflict with my work.  Tatak Digitista would like to thank Orange Magazine TV, AstroVision, Empanada Nation, Denise Calnea, Urban Athletics, Pony, Clavel, Gabriel Diaz, Universal Records, Cornerstone, Nana Nadal Public Relations, Ruth Floresca, WWF Philippines, Monsee's, QC Councilor Alfred Vargas, Josephine Bonsol, Arpee Lazaro, World Food Programme, Flow Galindez, Enchanted Kingdom, World Vision, Seattle's Best, Jun Godornes, Billie Abata, Crustasia, Xchosa Deniega, and SM Supermalls.

Bloggies at Enchanted Kingdom's 16th Anniversary Celebration

4. - The TaDi Pose
The TaDi Pose has been launched this year and Tatak Digitista has been blessed with a lot of celebrities who are accommodating, fun and game to do the challenge.  :)  Thank you to Gary Valenciano, Angel Locsin, Phil Younghusband, Neil Etheridge, Aly Borromeo, Anton del Rosario, Ian Araneta, Chieffy Caligdong, Misagh Bahadoran and the rest of the Team Azkals, American Idol winner Simon McCreery, Thia Megia, Christian Buatista, Sponge Cola, Jose Mari Chan, Richard Poon, Karylle, Eugene Domingo, Ramon Bautista, House Majority Floor Leader Erin Tanada, Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo, among others.  They are about 100 so it will be hard for me to name all of them.  :) 

As a next step, watch out for the Bloggers Edition coming very soon!  :)

American Idol winner Simon McCreery's TaDi Pose!  :)

5. Facebook Page and Twitter
Tatak Digitista also launched its Facebook Page and Twitter account this year!  Watch our for more exciting activities (including contests!) in 2012!  :)

6. Digital Projects, Memorable Campaigns and Featuristic Posts
I was also happy to have led plenty of digital projects this year.  :)  Some of them were the Electrolux Doom of the Broom Blogging Contest, Buon Giorno Bloggers Night in Rockwell Business Center, Mede8er Med500X2 Bloggers Meet, Cortal SQR Cheer for the Azkals Promo, and Electrolux My Shirt Story Blogging Contest, among others.

The Cortal SQR - Team Azkals We Believe Kaya Mo Yan, Enercal Plus' The Wake Up Call and WWF Greener at 50 Online Auction Launch were also memorable for me.

Featuristic is my page dedicated for my writings on interesting things, happenings, settings and human beings.  Some of the major stories I did were the Urban Doggies Mobile Pet Grooming Center, Rubbabu the toy wonder arrives in the Philippines, Finally Our Own Football Team to Root For, Someone Named Like You May Be Missing, Ultimate Viewing Experience via Mede8er Media Player and Sustaining the Demands of a Hectic Lifestyle, among others.  For the opportunities to write these stories, I would like to thank Aki Nilooban, Mau Bagsit, Urban Doggies, Rubbabu, Romina Nanagas, The Asia Foundation, Mede8er, Marvin Lim, Cortal SQR, Team Azkals, Dr. Oyie Balburias, Angel Aquino, Jett Pangan, Paolo Bediones and Wyeth.  

7. Blog Initiated Contests
A few contests and promos have been initiated as well in Tatak Digitista.  Some of them are the Buon Giorno Guess Who's the Italian Actress Contest, Urban Doggies Promo, Who's the Next Celebrity for Tatak Digitista and Breaking Dawn Promo.  For sure, more will come this 2012!  :)

8. Buzz Words
Unintentionally (and started just for fun), some new terms on blogging were created and popularized such as backlogger (bloggers with back logs), bloggathon (blogging in one sitting) and bloggies (blog buddies)! 

9. Bloggies
And speaking of bloggies, while writing this, I remembered once more my favorite quote from George Washington: "Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation."  As I get to know more people, I also discovered that we only be civil with the others. I am just fortunate to have known more friends and acquaintances in the blogosphere, and get close with a number of them this year, than the opposite!  You're too many to mention but you know who you are and how I value your friendship. 

And of course, this year also allowed me to keep and sustain the relationship with old blogger friends.  Thank you to all of you, you know who you are.  :)

10. Bloggies Christmas and New Year Get Together
What else is better than to cap the year long blogging with a fun and memorable get together with the bloggies!  :)  Last December 28, we held the Bloggies Christmas and New Year Get Together at Berting's Grill in Tomas Morato, Quezon City.  Aside from the fantastic menu that we ordered at Berting's, we had spontaneous games, personalized exchange gifts, exciting raffle prizes, memorable sharing, tons of laughter and wonderful camaraderie (plus top secret photos and videos!  haha).  Thanks to Orange Magazine TV and its Clients, Technoholics, Aileen Siwa, Nana Nadal Public Relations, Ruth Floresca, Berting's Grill, CaPRI, P&G, Gab Diaz and his Client, and all the bloggies who made the get together possible!  There will be a longer story for this fun and memorable get together.  :)

The Bloggies Christmas and New Year Get Together at Berting's Grill in Tomas Morato, QC

11. Don't Blog to Live or Live to Blog, but Live and then Blog
This one is not an event, but my guiding principle in blogging which I also applied in 2011.  I got this advice from my blogger friend Jen Juan of Sexy Nomad when I started in February 2010.  And I've kept and lived that advice ever since.  Thank you Jen for that, it fit me well because it's aligned on why I blog in the first place.  Blogging, more than anything else, is a creative outlet for me.  And anything beyond is already an extra, a bonus.  Like at work, if you love blogging, you'll be happy doing it, and you won't feel burdened at all.  And that's why blogging has been a very fulfilling hobby and activity for me in 2011.

And with that, I think, you'll agree with me that I really got even in 2011.  :)  Though last year has really been that exciting, fun and fulfilling, I see 2012 to becoming even a lot better hence my new battle cry for the year will be: New World in 2012!  Happy New Year folks!


  1. Very well said Ferds!
    Thanks for being part of livingMarjorney's life & journey!
    Happy New Year!
    Cheers! =)

  2. love it! :) pa-copy nalang ng end of the year post :) hehehe

  3. Thank you for being a part of my life too Ferds! :) Happy New Year! More blessings for 2012!

  4. Hi Marj aka Casino Queen hehe! Thanks too! Am happy to have been part of your 2011 and I'm looking forward to spending more time with you and the rest of our bloggies this 2012! :)

    Hi Lolo Myke! Thanks man! Haha, mukhang masfruitful ang 2011 mo! See you around! :)

    Hi Ruthie, same here, am happy to have known you and have been part of your life in 2011. Let's celebrate more in 2012! Cheers bloggie! :D

  5. Thanks for everything Foydie, andami nating to be thankful for. Diko na nga mabilang. Hope our 2012 would be even better.

  6. Very nice recap! Just wanna say how much I appreciate your friendship and your company Ferds. here's to more fun days ahead :)


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