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Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Time for Green Christmas with WWF


♫♪ I am dreaming of a White Christmas ♫♪  Oh, this White Christmas thing is so yesterday.  There's something more realistic, relevant and meaningful in our country yet still Christmassy and fun!  :)  It's what WWF calls as Green Christmas!  So do you want to know how you can make your Christmas Merry and Green?  Here are some tips from WWF.

Panda Round Neck Shirts: P300 Available in White, Green, Blue, and Pink Sizes range from Extra Small to Extra Large

1. No need to buy a new plastic Christmas tree. Decorate a real tree in your yard instead.

2. Use LED (light-emitting diode) Christmas lights, which are more energy-efficient.

3. When doing your shopping, bring a foldable tote bag or eco-bag to reduce your plastic use. WWF Canvas Bag: P150 (small), P200 (large)

 WWF Canvas Bag: P150 (small), P200 (large)

4. Patronize locally-made products, which have lower ecological footprints than imported ones. It takes more resources for imported goods to reach our doorsteps.

5. Some gift items nowadays have beautiful packaging already so there is no need to wrap them again in fancy paper. Just add a nice gift tag and you’re good to go!

6. When buying gifts for kids, choose toys that don’t need batteries.

7. Avoid serving exotic dishes like shark’s fin and turtle eggs / meat in your party. Avoid ordering them when celebrating in restaurants.

8. Always on the go? Instead of buying bottled water, bring a reusable water tumbler! Panda Aluminum Tumbler: P300

 Panda Aluminum Tumbler: P300

9. December is a cool month so why not hold your party in an open space? Let the stars and moon join.

10. Give Mother Earth a gift. Donate to WWF-Philippines or buy our merchandise to support our environmental conservation and sustainability programs across the country!

The other WWF merchandise items are:

Panda Canvas Bag: P150 (small), P200 (large) 

Panda Tumbler: P300 

 Panda Round Neck Shirt: P300 

Panda Collared Shirt: P500 Available in Black and White Sizes range from Small to Extra Large

 Panda Umbrella: P250

So with that, enough of the day dream and let's make our Christmas green!  :)  We've neglected our environment for a long time, and it's time we express our love to our Living Planet!  Getting this WWF merchandise is like catching two birds with one stone, oh that's not a good idiom for the environment, that's bad.  :)  What I mean is, if we give a WWF merchandise as a gift, we can make its recipient happy, but Mother Earth even happier.  :)   Have a Green Christmas folks!  :)

For orders and inquiries on WWF merchandise, please contact Stephanie Panganiban at spanganiban@wwf.org.ph or  Sophia Dedace at sdedace@wwf.org.ph.

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