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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Fusion of Mainstream and Online Media in GMANetwork.com

POTATO ON THE GO (Internet / TV):

As a communications practitioner, I've been hearing issues about the clash of the traditional and new media.  'But first let me share with you the terms I introduced and have been using at work.  I refused to call  traditional media as traditional because even though they existed for a while, they have presented innovations like live satellite feeds, reality television etc.  And new media can't be contained as new media as changes happen in a fast pace, and what's new now, may be a relic in a few hours; can we call emerging but non-Internet based media as new media as well?  With that, I call traditional media as mainstream media as they reach the general audience and I call new media as online media as they reach the people online.  However, I guess, there should really be no conflict at all.  They serve both purpose which is to inform, to educate, to entertain, to serve and to communicate.  In fact, they can even complement each other in providing the optimum service to their readers, viewers and followers.  When good stuff come out on TV or print, we see them online.  And if things go viral, it will definitely be featured on mainstream media. 

And this I guess is what GMA Network and GMA New Media, Inc. have thought of as they form the  new www.gmanetwork.com, the umbrella site for all of the Kapuso Network's media arms. This further enhances its connection with its audience, from offline to online by providing news, entertainment, information, community, and public service at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere.  And vice versa, the connection can be online to offline because with these information at hand, netizens will be aware of what's happening on television and can easily tune in to catch their favorite programs and personalities. 

Spanning everything from the latest breaking news to the disc jockeys whose voices keep you company on the airwaves, GMANetwork.com gives users access to all of GMA's sites, GMA News Online's breaking news, social media feed as well exclusive videos and program guides.

On the News channel, catch up on what's going on both locally and internationally. Featured articles, breaking news, photos and videos are all curated and presented in a timely fashion to get you up to speed for the day. And are you a fan of our Public Affairs programs? Well keep abreast of your favorite shows by watching clips online!

The Entertainment channel houses not only features on upcoming shows, show pages, and star profiles but also houses exclusive Web TV. These videos fall under "Not Seen on TV" - clips from artists and shows that were never aired, Fun-esodes - comedic clips guaranteed for giggles as well as webisodes of the Live Chats.

Check out the Artist Center link for an exclusive look inside the world of GMA Artist Center with updates on activities and information on exclusive talents.

Not living in the Philippines? Not a problem! Mouse on over to the International link and find out if there is a carrier in your territory so you can subscribe. Or if you're already a subscriber, keep yourself updated with program grids and updates on recent events.

For video clips of newscasts and public affairs shows for non-Philippine based viewers, there's always News TV!

Moving away from television, GMANetwork.com also houses program information, schedules and profiles for both DZBB and LSFM. But the highlight of the Radio channel is the live streaming of DZBB for Philippine listeners. Now you don't need a radio to tune in. All you need is to log in and click!

Check out the Films section for the latest of GMA Film's projects, including some neat multimedia features and an extensive filmography. On the Records channel, check out videos as well as the GMA Records catalog.

But it's not just about what's on and what's in. For information on how to lend a hand, the Kapuso Foundation channel will fill you in. It also gives you updates on what the foundation has been up to.

To find out more about the Kapuso Network itself, check out the company profile by clicking on Corporate. Check out GMA's Corportate visions and values and also how investor releations are doing.

And of course, it wouldn't be a one-stop site if it didn't have some fun Community features for GMA's many loyal viewers. Social media feeds, interactive forums, fun quizzes and updates of the Kapuso Network's promos are all found here.

As a communications practitioner and a digital media enthusiasts, this synergy really excites me as it makes information available anytime, anywhere and it fuels more innovative ideas to come out. Kudos to the people behind www.gmanetwork.com for making this possible. 

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