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Sunday, March 4, 2012

R&R Within Reach at Paradizoo and Residence Inn


For a hot (literally and figuratively hehe) country like ours, we once in a while look for and go to cool places to rest and relax.  I was fortunate enough to have been to Baguio and Tokyo, Japan a few weeks back but if the need arises, I don't have the time and funds in an instant to just pick up my bag and go to those places.

Good thing there's Tagaytay and the nearby towns in Cavite which are just kilometers away south of Manila.  But don't get me wrong, Tagaytay is not last in the options.  :)  In fact, it's one of my favorite places as well.  That's why when I got an invite to visit Paradizoo and Residence Inn, NO was just taken out of my vocabulary!  :)

The bloggies met and assembled at around 6:30 am in Jupiter, Makati and after a 1 to 1 1/2 hour trip, we already arrived in Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite! 

Paradizoo, a haven for plants and animals, offers guest a unique farm experience with both flora and fauna co-existing in harmony in this 10-hectare agri-tourism enclave. A visit to Paradizoo theme farm is always a delight for farm and nature lover enthusiast. A Tagaytay like-climate makes the farm a wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature at its best. That’s not all. There are a million and one things to discover in Paradizoo. Activities and attractions are offered inside like a ride to a cart drawn by an Albino Carabao, Greyhound racing show, Honeybee, flower garden, restaurants and pet cemetery. Newest attractions are now open for guest to explore such as: Fish Spa, Farm Frenzy, Bird Thrill, and the Spa Sanctuary.

As soon as we arrived at Paradizoo, we already felt the cool soothing weather.  The staff then welcomed us with salabat, Batangas goto and puto. What's unique about Batangas goto is that is does not have rice with it.

Batangas goto


The grayhound was also introduced to us.

We are now ready for the tour! :)

After the breakfast, our first stop was the aviary.  And we were given the chance to feed the birds.  Some of my bloggies were quite overwhelmed when birds flocked into them!  :)

Need I say more?  :D

But look how cool I received the birds on my hand haha.

We then went to the area where camels and cows and other herbivores are placed.

The five legged cow

These goats are ready for milking.

And Jeman tried milking the goat! :D

A close-up at the ostrich!

Some of the sharing and learning that Paradizoo offers under the Agritech project is known as clean vegetable farming practices were seedling techniques, plant nutrition, cultural management, and irrigation and water management. Almost all of the animals in Paradizoo are for sale. Same goes for the vegetable harvest. Honeybees and honey-pineapple vinegars are also being merchandised.

After meeting the animals, we then went to the plantation area where organic farming is being done.

Mee-i claims this is her pechay! :D

And then we witnessed the race of the grayhounds!  :)

Rod posed like an environment advocate!  :D

And then we headed to the villa where the guests are received for lunch and entertainment.

Right after lunch, I had a quick floral pictorial! :D

And then the gang headed to the Butterfly Farm!

And then we went to the bee farm and the pet cemetery!

This is where PBB's pig Peggy was buried.

(A few more scenes as we go out of the farm)

One nice thing about Paradizoo is the chance  to experience farm and poultry even for just a day.  For folks in the metro who are drowned with day-to-day urban living, I guess this will be a welcome treat!  Just a couple of hours away, and you'll be a haciendero for a day!  Haha.  But kidding aside, the chance to milk a goat, harvest plants and interact animals, birds and butterflies is a unique but fun form of rest and recreation.  If you have kids, they will definitely love the experience in Paradizoo!

But the fun did not end there.  Right after Paradizoo, we then moved to its sister resort Residence Inn in Tagaytay!  There, we were treated with a show that brought back our childhood memories!  :)

And right after that, we were dared to do another challenge -- the cable car and the zipline!  :)  At first, I was quite hesitant but my thirst for new adventure won over my inhibitions!  You can read this article "Zipline to Courage" for that adventure.

It was a full day but we enjoyed every minute of it.  I just appreciate the fact that if I want a quick R&R, I need not go far and spend a lot because Tagaytay and Cavite are within just within reach.   And the place just never ran out of new things and attractions.  So if you just thought of taking a break from heat and cool down, you know where to go.

Paradizoo theme farm is located in Km 63 Panungyan Mendez, Cavite. For inquiries please call 899-9824; 895-7142 or visit www.zoomanity.com.ph or www.facebook.com/zoomanitygroup.

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