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Thursday, March 15, 2012

After Anne Curtis, it's Bella Flores' turn to do the TaDi Pose!


After the phenomenal Annebisyosa Anne Curtis posed for Tatak Digitista's 2nd Anniversary, a Philippine movie icon did the TaDi Pose this time around!  Yup and she's no less than the Kontrabida Queen of Philippine Cinema Ms. Bella Flores!  :)  

Bella Flores doing the TaDi! :)

Anne Curtis' version of the TaDi Pose! :)

Bella Flores, or Tita Bella as people in the entertainment industry call her, is featured in GMA Films' latest movie offering "MY KONTRABIDA GIRL" which stars Rhian Ramos and Aljur Abrenica.  In the movie, Tita Bella, being the premier kontrabida in Philippine movies, gave fun but remarkable tips on how to become a villain.  And no less than the movie's lead Isabel Reyes (Rhian Ramos' role) draw inspiration from Tita Bella! A lot of the actors did fabulous stuff in the movie like Rhian Ramos, Charice Solomon and Aljur Abrenica but Tita Bella just did a mark by playing her role!  :)  Her inclusion added fun to the unique brand of comedy that the film offers!

After the film's press screening, I got the chance to talk to Tita Bella about her role in the movie.  She said that she was so happy with the importance that GMA Films gave to her, to her role, to the film's kontrabida.  She said, "There are times that I cried because if I am not that good in acting, they will not get me.  Right?  There are lots of actresses in the Philippines but I'm very happy that they have chosen me.  Thanks to that and importante sa buhay ko yan bilang artista, diba record ko yan diba?" 

Aside from Tita Bella, top kontrabida stars were also featured in the film!  Watch out for that!  It's another laugh trip in the movie that you'll enjoy!  :)  Truly, Rhian Ramos learned only from the bests in being MY KONTRABIDA GIRL!  By the way, you can catch the romantic movie starting March 14 in theaters nationwide!

To Tita Bella, thanks for this opportunity, it's TaDi's honor!  :)  And congratulations once more!  :)

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