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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Chase the Sun and Stay Cool with Wrangler -- Join the #WranglerSunChaser Contest Week 2!

POTATO ON THE GO (Social Media):

Hi folks!  How was your last week?  I bet a lot of you went out because it was Holy Week and it was a long weekend! :)

Some of you may have seen my post about the campaign #WranglerSunChaser.  I hope you did take time to join as aside from the fact that it's fun to document our journey and share it with our friends, we even have the chance to win Wrangler vouchers worth PhP 8,000 each week!

Well  for me, this contest is a welcome treat because I've loved the brand for years, perhaps around or more than 10 years!  Why?  For a big person like me, their comfort fit jeans were perfect for me because it's comfortable, durable, fits well and still keeps the cool straight look of pants.  This has been my official jeans for years!  Hehe.

Going back to the campaign, I submitter several entries for the 1st week as well and one of which was part of last week's highlights.  The theme was Smell Nature and I submitted this:

But aside from my entries, I particularly liked this photo as it showed how refreshing it is to breathe life through nature.

But the winning entry for the Philippines Rhaine Pineda (@rhainepineda).
You can check her winning entry here: http://instagram.com/p/m38m5sOuha/ 

For this week, the theme is STAY COOL!  


Blue. The shade of adventure, blue skies, blue seas and a pair of blue jeans.This week, battle the heat of the midday sun to reach the highest point you see. Sweat with no regret.

Share your journey for a chance to win P8,000 of cash vouchers in the weekly challenge! Time frame: April 21 to April 27, 2014. Please  make sure that use the required hashtags #WranglerSunChaser and #Philippines.  When a participant uses no or only 1 hashtag, his/her Instagram post will NOT be considered as an entry.  More details here: www.WranglerSunChaser.com www.facebook.com/WranglerPH

I submitted mine, and you can check it here http://instagram.com/p/nGWALhszJf/ ! :)

So what are you waiting for?  Chase the sun and join now! :)

#WranglerSunchaser now TaDified!And that's the foydi way! :)

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