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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

GMA Network Launches its Newest Station ID


Several years after GMA's first station ID since it adopted the term Kapuso, the media giant has finally launched its newest identification plug featuring a new rendition of the network’s well-loved theme song “Kapuso, Anumang Kulay ng Buhay” at the primetime newscast 24 Oras. 

GMA Network said that the new station ID is as colorful as the theme song’s title suggests. It features the Kapuso network’s brightest stars and news personalities shot in various scenic locations in and around the Metropolis.

The new rendition of GMA’s theme song is a more dramatic duet by Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and Kapuso pop sensation Julie Anne San Jose (Regine sang the original version of the theme song).

GMA’s Vice President for Post Production Edward Achacoso said that GMA network invested multimillions to acquire state-of-the-art production and editing tools for the project. “We had major add-ons in this year’s budget for the procurement of best-of-class high definition cameras and graphics machines. These tools are of the same standards as those used in Hollywood movies such as Transformers and Avengers,” he said.  Achacoso also said that this year’s SID has the biggest production pool, composed of 180 personnel.

The production team that worked on the station ID is the same team who won the New York Festivals award for its Lupang Hinirang (Philippine National Anthem) video, which is being shown in SM Cinemas nationwide.

Here is the GMA Network's newest station ID.

It really took a while before GMA produced another overall station ID (this excludes seasonal IDs like Christmas and Summer IDs).  While its competitors ABS-CBN and TV5 were neck to neck several months ago on airing its respective station IDs, GMA was surprisingly silent!  But, as you can see, GMA is back!  It's really high time that it produces its newest version of its station ID as many of its stars have moved on already and several new ones are in their house now.  Just like the first station ID, GMA sticked to its message that it's one at heart with Filipinos (Kapuso ng bawat Pilipino) but this time, through its creative execution, it says that life is more colorful.

I was impressed on how they made use of photos as points of transition.  It was creative and full of emotion.  How can you go wrong with life photos right?

I like the idea of combining Regine Velasquez and Julie Anne San Jose to sing the theme song.  It just didn't make the song more lively but in terms of talent promotion strategy, they were able to show that Julie Anne is being groomed to be Regine's heiress.  Unlike the songs used in the network's seasonal station IDs (some of them lacks impact and lasting appeal), "Kapuso Anumang Kulay ng Buhay" is really a composition that goes straight to the heart of Filipinos.  And matched with strong visuals, GMA couldn't really not go wrong. 

I also like the situationers used in the scenes.  They captured Pinoys' real slices of life (basketball league, ihaw-ihaw, reunions, OFWs etc.) and how the network touches them.  We saw families (Ogie, Regine and Nathan's scene was nostalgic), friends, neighbors, lovers, and citizens working together.  The latter was the scenes for GMA News and Public Affairs talents and the sitners were relevant since they are things they really do.  Hindi sya nagmukhang politician's plug (It didn't look like a political ad).  :)  I just wish there's a group shot for all the talents of the network to make it look grander.  And I hope it won't take a long time again for GMA to produce another one.  From what I see, station IDs are good tools to promote not just the network but its programs and talents as well. 

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