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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Good Music Lives Forevermore as Side A's Joey G Takes a STAND (The Launch of Joey G's Debut Solo Album STAND)


What is one way to know how close you are with your friends?  If you know each others' preferences in music, and eventually share them together, I guess both of you somehow are in the so-called closer circle.  :)  I asked this because based on my experience, my friends who knew me really well know the music I listen to.  And they know that during our growing up years, one of my most favorite OPM bands is Side A!

From outings to get togethers, from "drinking session" to food trips, from road trips to our endless press work at our campus publication office, they can always here this brand of music when I'm around.  :)  In fact, if my friends are walking towards our publication office, they just actually know if I'm around because they can hear the songs of Side A such as Hold On, Don't Know What To Do, Tuloy Pa Rin, Foreveremore, Tell Me, etc. etc  Hehe.  That's how Side A ruled my life's musical score, and my friends' too, whether they like it or not, although it's always the former. ")

While the band may not have been as active as before, I heard one good news that really lifted my spirit!

Recently, I just learned that Joey G, Side A's frontman and one of the country's most loved crooner, is now going solo, and has come up with his own album!  So the moment I got an invite to the press launch of his album, I immediately said yes!  How can I let this pass right? By the way, thanks for that awesome opportunity Warner Music!  :)  And yes, the album is produced by premium record label Warner Music!

"This is the first time that I'll stand on my own," said Joey G.  "This is dedicated to the fans through the years of supporting me and Side A"  Joey G was very ecstatic about the launch of his new album and while he's going solo this time around, he still can feel the warmth of the fans.  He happily shared, "Joey G I love you!  Wala akong show na walang ganun."

He is quick to explain that going solo does not mean the end for him and Side A.  In fact, Joey G shared  that his band members are behind him in this endeavor.  Joey G is grateful for the support that he received from his bandmates as they have been very significant contributions to the making of this album.  Ned Esguerra is credited as the songwriter for For You, one of the album's tracks, and Joey Benin has been 'contracted' to pen another for this album.  Aside from working with some of the country's most sought after musicians like Top Suzara, Stand also includes the work of international songwruter Diane Warren whose hits include I Don't Want To Miss A Thing and Love Will Lead You Back.

STAND has 9 original tracks which includes a full band version of 1000 MILES A MINUTE with a duet with Samantha, his discovery and protege in the first season of GMA's PROTEGE: The Battle for the Big Break.

My Joey G signed STAND album

"Stand" holds a special place in Joey G's heart.  "It talks about believing in yourself and remaining strong... What people need now is to deal with their problems and face them heads up and hearts strong," explained Joey G.   The lyrics speak aptly of his emotions with the words “Might be bent but I ain’t broken yet. It’s gonna take more that you got to break me down… Standing for everything that I am, yes I’m going to make it through it all.” This isn’t just a song, this is the embodiment of all his sentiments towards the new phase in his life – about making it on his own and not being afraid to face the challenges and changes.

Another one of his much loved track from the album is entitled I’ll Be which was written by Diane Warren. More than it being composed by an international songwriter, the lyrics speak of a beautiful companionship and love. “When darkness falls upon your heart and soul, I’ll be the light that shines for you. When you forget how beautiful you are, I’ll be there to remind you; when you can’t find your way I’ll find my way to you.” Joey G excitedly reveals, “Definitely one of my favorite works in the album… It’s a privilege to have her compose one of the songs which portrays a great message of friendship.” That’s When I Fell In Love With You, written by Andrew Fromm and Steve Diamond, has sigh-inducing and heart melting lyrics such as “Then when you looked in my eyes and you kissed me, then when you held me well I just knew. Then when you said I was all you’d be missing, that’s when I fell in love with you.” This is the quintessential Joey G song done in a way that only he can.

After hearing the 9 songs, TaDi would like to say that all of them are awesome, exceptional and still carry that brand of music of Joey G we love from the very start!  In Tagalog, it can be said, "Wala kang matatapon sa kanila, lahat maganda! (You can't throw any of the songs, they're all good!)".  My most favorite is Stand because it has full of emotion, it's edgy and it shows the vocal prowess of Joey G (well perhaps that's why is the carrier single hehe).

After 25 years and after giving voice to timeless classics Forevermore, Tell Me and Set You Free among others, JOEY G is really more than ready for this solo album.  "This album is a long-planned dream of mine which makes me more enthusiastic about the whole process," said Joey G.  He added, "There's pressure obviously.  Ikaw lang ang may dala ng sarili mo eh.  Wala kang pwedeng sandalan unlike with Side A, umiikot yung pagkanta."  But while the task may seem daunting, Joey G is ready to take on the new challenge with the support of his family, friends and fans.

Through the years, Side A's music has been the theme song or musical scoring of the lives of millions of Filipinos, whether heart broken or in love.  Joey G said that they share the same sentiments as the rest of the Filipinos and they sing songs from the heart and perhaps those are the major reasons why they are able to reach out to our kababyans (countryment).  As we all know, I for one is guilty, most of  if not all of us, are truly sentimental folks!  :)  But while they were able to capture the Filipino audience in the 80s, 90s and 2000, it's a question how will Joey G be able to relate to the younger crowd.  There's an emergence of ew bands, balladeers, both foreign and local.  But I guess, sentimentality is one trait that Filipinos of all generation share and pass on, and hence the music of Joey G lives on. Proof of this is STAND's number one standing in iTUNES!  (Well deserved success, congrats Joey G and Warner!). 

Joey G took a STAND and he can be rest assured that his and Side A's fans, as well as followers of OPM and good music, will join him, especially in this wonderful album.

foydi literally stands with Joey G!  :)

Kudos Joey G!  TaDi wishes you more success and hopes that your music will live FOREVERMORE!

Note: TaDi strongly recommends Joey G's solo debut album STAND.  Under Warner Music, the album is now available nationwide.  Grab a copy now!  :)

By the way, thanks for this TaDi pose Joey G!  :)

And that has been the TaDi way!  Have a music-filled day!  :)

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  1. And they know that during our growing up years, one of my most favorite OPM bands is Side A music saves lives


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