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Monday, August 27, 2012

What's this TaDi #MovieMood of the Day? :)


If you've been following TaDi, through the blog (www.digitista.blogspot.com), Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/digitista) or Twitter (@tatak_digitista), you could have probably noticed the TaDi Movie Mood of the Day (with a Twitter hashtag of  #MovieMood).  These are movie titles and posters of some movies, old and new, Filipino and foreign, of different genre.

There's nothing special about it but it's just TaDi's way of expressing his present mood or emotion of the day.  So it's how TaDi feels and probably what he wants to watch if ever that movie is accessible at that time.  :)  So instead of choosing a song for how TaDi feels, he picks a movie title instead.  
Why?  Aside from the fact that TaDi and movies are inseparable, he finds it more expressive and creative... and effective!  :) 

Here are the TaDi Movie Moods from August 22 to present!  You'll have an idea what was running in TaDi's head!  Haha! :D

TaDi #MovieMood of the Day for August 22

TaDi #MovieMood of the Day for August 23

TaDi #MovieMood of the Day for August 24

TaDi #MovieMood of the Day for August 25

TaDi #MovieMood of the Day for August 26

This is a nice way to take out the stress and take things in life lightly.  Now, here's the TaDi #MovieMood of the Day: BARN!  You know why?  :)

TaDi #MovieMood of the Day for August 27
So what's yours?  :)  #MovieMood

That has been the TaDi way!  Have a nice movie day!  :)

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