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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cowboy Way at the Salcedo Weekend Market

 Scene Stealers :

I’ve heard and seen from afar the Salcedo Weekend Market (at the Salcedo Park in Makati CBD) in the past but I’ve never really checked out the place until our group at Kongzi Xueyuan Manila started to hang-out there once in a while after our class. A haven for dogs at weekdays and for joggers at week nights, the Salcedo Park, on weekends, becomes a shopping mecca for customers and tourists who are looking for good food and native delicacies from whatever region in the country (well, mostly, since there are also some foreign dishes offered as well). Whoever thought of this concept and organized this market should receive a pat on the back from the Department of Tourism. It feels good to walk at the park-turned-market as the people, local and foreign tourists alike, appreciate what our culture, and market, has to offer, in a clean, convenient and people friendly place.

Last Saturday, February 27, there was an art exhibit so there were fewer tables available but it didn’t prevent us from having a good time. We put our food on one of the park seats and sat on the grass, in short, picnic-at-the-park style! =) We shared with everyone all the food we bought from the stalls – oyster salad, a pork dish which tasted like dinuguan, lechon kawali, squid, another beef dish which I can’t remember the name, sea weeds salad and buko pandan, among others. I didn’t expect that Omar Laoshi turned Indiana Jones, Senora Lin Na, Okidok Romel Yisheng, Stay-in employee Kristelle (also known as Ma Dabil) and Italian polished Ni Ca are game enough to eat cowboy style! =) Well this is just one of the reasons why we always look forward to attending to our class on Saturdays, because we don’t just focus honing our foreign language skills but also enjoy the camaraderie found by people who has passion for acquiring knowledge in a fun, exciting and friendly way. Naks, ang-CHEESY! Haha! =D

In photo are (from left) Ma Dabil, Lin Na, Omar Laoshi, Ni Ca and Yisheng.

In photo are (from left) Ni Ca, Yisheng, Foydi and Lin Na.

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