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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tatak Digitista

If you’ve noticed the change, Tatak Digitista (www.digitista.blogspot.com) now takes the place of Halo-Halo Treat… enjoying life’s mixes (www.halohalo-treat.blogspot.com). Tatak Digitista is the same blog except that it now uses a more apt name.

Halo-Halo Treat’s URL was always mistaken as a purely food blog before (unless the whole blog content is read) so this name change will somehow solve the confusion and strengthen the blog’s identity as Tatak Digitista, a blog that showcases the digital footprints of life’s mixes categorized in segments Action & Event-ure (events and activities), Vista Digitista (views and reviews), Surfer’s Digest (features), Quick Pick (quick posts on attention catching things, happenings and human beings) and Memory Card (flashbacks). Thanks for the continued support and enjoy reading! =)


  1. Hi Ferdz, Musta? I don't know if you still remember me, we went to high school together. Anyway, I saw your blog on topblogs.ph. didn't knew I'd bump into somebody from highschool here in the blogosphere. What are the odds!

  2. Hi Noel! You're Emmanuel Martinez right? If you are, of course I do remember you! :) I think we were classmates since grade school and schoolmates in kindergarten (all levels in Paco Catholic School! hehe). :D It's a small world indeed! :) BTW, what's your blog? 'Hope to see you again one of these days. :)


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