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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Evolution of Penshoppe

 Scene Stealers :

A few weeks ago, I saw FB video posts by RJ Ledesma showing old Penshoppe commercials and it featured his wife Vanessa Pastor Ledesma (BTW, thanks to her participation in the Pampers Yoga Stretchycise launch), Paolo Bediones, Cogie Domingo and Ryan Agoncillo, to name a few. Gee, all I could say is that I was once hooked at these commercials (and the brand) and its tag line “Express Yourself” was very much popular then!  And I could imagine how these guys would react to see their old, or should I say, young selves once more in Facebook! =)

Well, it was nostalgic to see these old TVCs (teen power of the 90s! hehe) but lately, I am made to have second looks at billboards, ads and print features showing the all new Penshoppe so as its new endorsers!  It has really transformed from being a "teeny bopper" line to being an "edgy" brand yet keep its cool and young appeal.  Penshoppe people told me that what I saw is Penshoppe's newest Spring-Summer collection and some of its newest models Solenn Heussaf, Melissa Ricks, Akihiro Sato, Annette Osmena and Victor Basa.  They also shared with me this newest collection from the Penshoppe line.

Beatnik meets Street – Penshoppe launches its Spring-Summer Collection

Outdoorsy, free-spirited with an edge - Penshoppe channels the urban wanderer with its Spring-Summer Collection.

Think gypsy and peasant inspired looks infused with street-scruffy, low-key grunge. Pieces include shirts and tops in plaid, checks and floral prints, graphic tees in monotone prints, and stylish jackets, vests and scarves.

“Dress yourself” is the fashion statement for this collection as Penshoppe encourages individual style through layering and accessories.

For women, layers are the key to achieving a cool, casual summer look. Graphic tees are just the beginning – express your inner grunge with a scarf, vest or jacket. Channel Twilight cool like Kristen Stewart with disheveled hair, classic tees, dark, skinny jeans, boots, a biker jacket and add on a scarf for a splash of color.

Or if “la vie boheme” is more your style, flowing tunic tops from Penshoppe with floral prints or folk-themed drawings give you that fresh feel perfect for summer.

Think Sienna Miller with her flowing hair, in natural earthy colors and minimal make-up, then infuse the outfit with your own personal style. Go luxe with a designer bag and gold and silver jewelry, rock the look with studs and a vest or go tribal with shawls, beads and wooden bangles.

For guys, achieve that road warrior feel with the basic t-shirt and jeans combo, plus a black leather jacket. If you’re going for a more casual summer day look, ditch the jacket for a bucket hat and back pack. Upgrade to a polo, add preppy opticals and a funky fedora and you’re ready for a night out on the town.

So whether you’re a flower-child bohemian or a laid-back road warrior, bring out your inner nomad and get the look this summer at Penshoppe.

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