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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Proud to be cheesy!

 Scene Stealers :

Cheez Whiz has been a part of my childhood years and in fact, up to now, it’s still part of our household's regular grocery list!  Well, the reason perhaps is that it's one of my favorite and default bread partners when the tummy asks for its regular supply.  And aside from that, I also have these weird but creative ways on how I enjoy my Cheez Whiz. =).

First, at breakfast, when what I have are hotdog and rice, I dip it into the cheese alternately with ketchup!  If I want to bring Wendy’s at home, I steam or bake potatoes and spread the cheese on top of it! Nyam nyam! =P And for dessert, I sometimes put a little whip of it on top of vanilla ice cream! Cheesy vanilla flavah! Wheh, well, what can I do, I cannot resist the temptation 'coz I'm certified "cheesy" [but only for being a cheese lover, not for anything else =)], exactly opposite of one of my colleagues who have never eaten cheese or cheese flavored dish in her entire lifetime (I think). Oh, what an agony! =/

Anyway, I just found out that Cheez Whiz has a new flavor that rivals the taste of its original and well-loved variant. And it’s the all-new Cheez Whiz Burger flavor! I actually tasted a sample of it and I was convinced that if I am short of time and budget or effort to cook and prepare a burger snack, I now don’t have to leave home to satisfy the urge for that cheeseburger taste.

Cheez Whiz Burger has all the cheesy goodness that kids and kids at heart enjoy (count me in! hehe). To add, it has yummy bits mixed in to get that meaty flavor (so you don’t need to fry those patties). And I also found out that it's fortified with Calci-3, a nutrient bundle made up of Calcium, Vitamin D and Phosphorus that help develop and keep strong bones. Oh wow, sounds good for growing and aging peeps haha =D. So what else could I ask for but to have more of this in our kitchen and spread the cheese! =)

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