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Friday, March 19, 2010

Human Billboards

Scene Stealers:

I first saw them months ago when I pass by the busy streets of Ayala-Buendia intersection in Makai CBD on my way to work.  I was amused with these four to five people carrying at their backs a series of framed poster ads of Medicol (now of Tekki Shomen noodles).  They walk in line (like a platoon from a Martian invasion), and sometimes in synchrony, to attract attention and send their message across to their target audience.  They will really catch your attention because as you endure the traffic congestion in Makati you will see these people and wonder what the heck are they wearing at their back and why are they walking in routine?  Well, seeing them somehow lightens the mood of people trapped in the gloomy traffic situation and since vehicles move like snails, people will have ALL THE TIME to read the ad copy! =D That's what you call opportunities in times of crisis! Hehe.

Earlier, after my meeting at RCBC Plaza, I saw them again, went closer, took some photos and had a small talk with these guys.  I learned that they are employed by AdTrain, an agency which focuses in this new kind of outdoor advertising.  One of the ad carriers said they work 12 hours a day and take a break every four hours.  We may also see some of their colleagues roaming the intersections of Ortigas.

I forgot to jot down the name of the main man behind this ad concept but they said he's the husband of broadcast journalist Coney Sison.

So sir, if you're able to see this post, I would just like to say kudos to your brilliant work! =)

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