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Friday, March 12, 2010

An encounter with mermaids!

 Shoe Potato:

Last week, I was asked to help out in the Thanksgiving Dinner thrown by Maynilad Water Services for our friends in the industry. Well, how could I say no? I was known to be the nicest guy in the team. Haha, of course that’s a joke =D. Aside from the fact that it’s something that our fearless boss asked us to do, I was very much willing to help because I got excited to go back to Manila Ocean Park or MOP (it’s where the dinner was held!) for the fourth time. I was once part of the group that launched the park back in 2008.

The facility is much different now, although I think there is still a little structural development going on, MOP shows a lot of promise already.  So in between and right after the formal program, I managed to say hi again to the water creatures I saw about two years ago.  Well, there were new members of the MOP family such as the Red Pacu and some of them grew bigger like the South American and African cichlids. 

That night, the newest and most exciting treat for me came from another breed of sea creatures – the mermaids! Well, I hope they are the real ones but they are just divers / swimmers who acted, swam and “danced” like the mermaids we see in film and TV. Hmmm, the MOP mermaids’ tails may not be as realistic as what are shown in the media (with silky scales etc.) but you can tolerate that aspect as you see the performers do their best to swim gracefully and dive like sea nymphs to provide a spectacular underwater performance for the guests.

Manila Ocean Park may not be as ext ravagant as the Ocean Park in HK but I still take pride that we have a marine theme park that our Filipino kids can see and enjoy. And, MOP is just about 2 years in existence, and for sure they will continue to grow. And I will keep on coming back. =)


  1. Hi Ferdz, know mo naman siguro kung sino ako. Nice to see you in the blog world. Hiya ako, hindi pa ko nakapunta sa Manila Ocean Park hehehe, naunahan pa ko ni hubby.

  2. Hi Dheza! =) Musta na? Pagbisita mo Pinas, tara punta tayo. =) Thanks for the support ha. I know you're doing good there, keep it up! Buti dyan, you're not experiencing the extreme heat brought by El Nino. Dito sobrang init but earlier, it's a little bit cloudy naman.

  3. hi, thanks a lot for your complements about the mermaids...actually they (3) are our Pilipinas Synchronized Swimming Team under our National Coach Reina Rose Suarez...follow us on facebook..(Pilipinas Synkro)..or our multiply account (PilipinaSSynchro.multiply.com)

  4. Thanks too! =) It's great to know that they are part of our Pilipinas Synchronized Swimming Team. I am proud and wish all of you the best! Keep it up! =)


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