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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Talk the Walk... the Good Friday walk to Kapitangan

 Bayanihan Republic:

Like the "pabasa", the "lakad sa Kapitangan" (walk to Kapitangan) is another Holy Week activity I grew up with. There's nothing spectacular about this tradition except that we get to walk in woods and rice fields, see the standard Filipino Catholic activity like Via Crucis and penitensya, eat native dishes at the street, buy "langis" (oil) that said to possess healing power, witness the crucifixion of Mother Paring, an old woman who make herself crucified each year during Holy Week and of course bond with my cousins.

Photo shows a man who volunteered himself to do the penitensya.

I had the chance to do the traditional walk again last Good Friday. Well it's still the same thing except that most walk ways are cemented now (and thank God rice fields are still beside the cemented road) and the main street going to Kapitangan looks like a tiangge / bazaar! Well, at least, stalls for native dishes and products are as prominent as the "Divisoria" like goods. My cousins and I started the walk at 4 AM and reached Kapitangan at around 7 AM. We left the place at 8 AM and didn't wait for Mother Paring's version of crucifixion which takes place at 12 NN. I don't have a sleep yet at that time and honestly, I went there for the walk and not for that ceremony.

Video shows a man allowing himself to be scourged as act of penance during Holy Week.

Well, I actually witnessed it before and I didn't see any splurge of blood since I think, the yearly nailing makes is similar to putting of earrings - pierce the ears once and putting accessories will be blood free later on. Ooops, I don't like to play CSI agent or even judge here. They have my respect like with any other people's belief as long as their ways do something good for them that do not step on other people's rights. If the "penitensya" and crucifixion is something that uplifts their faith, then so be it. Let's all live in peace and enjoy life's mixes! =)

The Walk

Walking started at 4AM!

Everyone's excited for the long walk.

A stop at one of the farm lands

Reaching Kapitangan 

We finally reached the place but we took a breakfast first.

We're not in Divisoria.  This is the new Kapitangan.

Sanpit Harold's family buying a pet bird.

The long line to Kapitangan chapel.

The Penintensya

 There are people who wanted to follow Christ the literal way.

Effects of El Nino

 Drought hits the town too!

The "palaisdaan" (fish pond) is filled with mud now.

The Walkers
Sanpit Harold enjoying the fresh air with the toy bird.

Niece Queen looking at the toybird they just bought.

Sanpit Jessa talking to our nephew Harvy.  Is she explaining the El Nino phenomenon?

Sanpit Ruel possessed by anime or K-pop culture!

 It's a four hour walk with almost zero sleep but everyone had a good time!

 The Leoncio Cubs =)


  1. I enjoyed this walk trip! ^_^ Even though walang tulog but still worth it.


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