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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pinoy cow retires from driving the cart

Bayanihan Republic:

I never expected that I will see this kind of mobile store again. Fellow Pinoys of my generation used to see and buy from this cart being pulled by a white  cow (usually) which sells Filipino products like broom, bangkito (small chair), mirror, fan, hat, basket and crib made of native materials such as bamboo, rattan, coconut husks etc. ‘But as you can see, products made of plastic are mixed up with the biodegradable ones now. T_T

This store was even popularized by hit children show of the 80’s Batibot, which I heard will be resurrected by the new TV5. Well, that’s good news because it’s one of the old shows that defined the Pinoy pop culture. And I think, no other children’s show, has duplicated nor surpassed its success.

Well, my question is, with the cow being replaced by a sidecar ridden by the vendor, is it a good or bad change?  For sure, I’ll hear varying views from animal rights advocates, culture enthusiasts, fitness experts and strict followers (and enforcers!) of traffic rules! =) Well for me, I just missed the old view of the cow driven cart but if the change led to something better, then I accept it with open arms. =)


  1. There are still some cow pulled cart in some provinces. I manage to spot a few while on my way home (Angono, Rizal)

  2. i also miss this. I do remember seeing and actually buying some goods on this cow driven carts when I was just a little girl.
    followed you via babiesandcontests, hope we can exchange links too. thanks.

  3. Hi Dante, thanks for the info. I hope to see one again soon! =)

    Hi Melandria, it's good to hear we have the same sentiments about this cultural treasure! =) Thanks for posting and adding me up. Yeah, sure, we could exchange links too! =)


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