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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Amen to Miso-Ten's Ramen!


I am not so adventurous when it comes to food.  I somehow go for safe dishes because my day will be ruined if the food I ate didn't satisfy me!  Hehe.  But while I'm "segurista" when it comes to food, I sometimes try new dishes and  I just know when I spotted a good one.  Before, I'm not into ramen but when my friends started to bring me to ramen houses, I became an instant convert!  :)  The problem though is that most ramen houses are those somehow hidden from the main roads and malls.  If there's one in the mainstream, the dish will definitely cost much higher than the usual.

But a new place solved that dilemma!  I recently discovered Miso-Ten!  It's right inside the mall (Robinson's Place in Ermita), it's priced right and the much desired RAMEN is there!  :)

What's good about this dining place is you can customize or create your own ramen!  I will try that next time because when I went there, I was already put in spell by Miso-Ten Spicy and Sesame Miso!

And aside from that, resident favorites Kani Salad and Gyoza made that lunch super extra special!

I also need to note their yakisoba, it's different from the traditional, the noodles are not too thick and are not too salty.  And that made Miso-Ten's yakisoba my favorite too!

Their tempura is a perfect match with the ramen but I just need the traditional tempura sauce.  

To give you an idea of how much to spend, here's some of the price:
Miso-Ten Original is at PhP 275, Tempura (5 pcs) is at PhP 380, Kani Salad is at PhP 150, Gyoza is at PhP 140 and Yakisoba is at PhP 180.

For those who want to try Miso-Ten, you can visit them at Robinson's Ermita (Pedro Gil Wing, Level 1 with telephone number 353-1864) and Robinson's Magnolia (Al Fresco Area, Level 2 with telephone number 442.5914).

You may also avail of the iFoods Card for only PhP 350 for discounts and other freebies.  It's accepted in Tokyo Cafe, Stackers Burger, Peri-Peri, Kogi Bulgogi and Parmigiano stores in Metro Manila.

The Bloggies at Miso-Ten.  Good Food, Good Times, Good Friends! :)

Note: Other photos courtesy of Miso-Ten page

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